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Afu Research / Japanese Sword books in English. These are "must have" books for serious students and collectors of Japanese swords and fittings. Harry "Afu" Watson is definitely one of the "good guys".

AikiWeb / AikiWeb's principal purpose is to serve the Internet community as a repository and dissemination point for aikido information.

An Overview of many publications available on Iai and Japanese Swordsmanship.

Arms and Armour / This web site has been put together as an aid to anyone collecting or dealing in Arms and Armour. Visit their "Japanese Swords" page.

Asian Rare Books / Many old and rare books on Japan and Japanese Art.

Bujutsu List / The Traditional Japanese Bujutsu List covers many Japanese styles along with a short history of each.

BUUYUU / The Martial Arts Link Site. Feel free to add your own link. There are 1979 Martial Arts related links for you to choose from. Also check out the 2334 unvalidated links.

BuyUBooks / A Martial Arts Bookservice.

Cobweb Castle / has virtual castle tours, woodblock prints of many historical samurai, and quite a few related links.

Dr. T's "Nihon-to Random Thoughts" Page / An interesting collection of essays about the traditions behind Japanese Swords and Swordsmanship.

EJMAS / Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences.

Furyu / The Online budo journal of classical japanese martial arts and culture.

Glossary of terms used in Japanese Sword Arts. An extensive list of words and their definitions. No Longer Available.???

Japan Books / We are currently operating as a book search service based in Japan. We specialize in new, used, and rare martial arts books and materials in English and Japanese.

Japanese Culture / Excellent site covering all aspects of Japanese culture. A great resource!

Japanese Sword Arts FAQ version 2.9 / August 15, 2001by Neil Gendzwill

The Japanese Sword Index / Absolutely one of the best sites around, a "must-visit". There is a tremendous amount of really good information about Japanese Swords on this site from Richard Stein. Mr. Stein has created a wonderful site to the benefit of everyone who visits it and is to be commended.

Japanese Sword Society of the U.S. / The JSSUS puts out a bimonthly Newsletter which consists of forty or so pages of sword study material, pictures, and rubbings of specific blades and sword fittings, book reviews, news of sword shows and exhibitions, and anything else which might be of interest to its membership.

JapaneseToken Books / Specializing in Books for Japanese Swords Sword Mountings Sword Fittings / A great (just about the only) source for accurate, authoritative, and complete information about the Japanese martial arts. Dedicated to providing the highest quality, well-researched, verifiable material. Also check out "The Good Stuff: Some Great Books You Really Oughta Read" by Meik Skoss.

Manual for Appreciating the Japanese Sword / A pamphlet by Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai. Thank you to Peter Neuhaus for taking the time to put this on the web.

Meiboku / This very nice site by Alan Quinn has a great deal of unique information related to the Japanese Sword including time periods, calendars, and provinces, as well as information on reading dates, inscriptions, judging sword types, blade characteristics, and koshirae.

Michi Online / Journal of Japanese Cultural Arts. Over 855 links in 62 categories.

Ogasawara-Ryu / This Ryu is responsible for many of the rules governing Samurai etiquette and behavior.

Old Yanagawa Society for the Preservation of Martial Ways.

Paragon Book Gallery / Books on Asian arts and Asian studies. Paragon has been the foremost source in the United States for books on Asia since 1948.

Ryukyu B&P Inc. / Specializing in books about the Martial Arts. Founded and operated by martial artists since 1969.

Samurai Archives / This page deals with the military aspects of Old Japan, and as such devotes considerable space to the warriors themselves, along with descriptions of battles and various other 'military' topics.

Sasuga Japanese Bookstore / "The Source for Japanese Books".

SATCHO / Japanese Swordbooks, Supplies. Specialists in books related to the study & appreciation of the Japanese sword as art. / An informative site by John Tirado regarding Saya and Habaki making.

Shinsakuto / A great source of links to Japanese Sword related sites.

Therion arms Resources Page / A great source of links to European and Japanese Sword related sites.

The Art of Tsukamaki / by Thomas L. Buck, Ph.D., a page filled with information and photos showing how to do your own handle wrapping.

Thomas Buck's Japanese Sword Page / More information from Thomas Buck about the Japanese Sword.

The Virtual Library / "We aim to have the most complete index of martial arts (and resources) sites on the web". As in any index, the commentary will be little, if any.

The W.M. Hawley Library / An interesting collection of books and monographs relating to Japanese Swords, swordsmanship, and Asian Art. You really should check out this site, it has everything you never thought you needed, but would like to have. You will always find something fun.

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