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Art Sword Restoration
/ Bill Latham's site offering complete repair and restoration for japanese art swords and custom manufacture of modern swords for iaido, kenjutsu, and tameshigiri.

Art Swords / A website with the collector of all stages in mind. On this site you will find items that suit a wide range of tastes. Particularly nice Swordbags at very reasonable prices.

ASA Swordworks / On our website you will find both Western and Japanese style swords. Our mission is to provide swords that offer outstanding performance, exquisite beauty and follow traditional designs found in history.

Bear Wood Products / Specializing in the highest quality hand crafted wooden weapons including bokken, jo, hanbo, tanto and many others.

Tagane Arts / Custom made metal tsuba and fuchi/kashira by Patrick Hastings.

BoguBag / Welcome to BoguBag, where we are dedicated to providing you with top quality Martial Arts Equipment.

Bugei Trading Co. / A large selection of Martial Arts supplies and related items. Good source for Chinese-made shinken that are guaranteed for tameshigiri. They also carry beach mats and straw mats for targets.

Bujin Design / A great source for high-quality dogi, excellent equipment carry bags, and wooden weapons.

The Buki Co. / Training weapons. Unique & Hard-to-find training equipment for the martial artist.

Bushido Designs / Samurai T-shirts * Swords * Videos.

California S & P / Very good selection of high quality martial arts equipment.

Chris Bowen's website / Online source for Japanese swords and restoration services.

Daimyo Outfitters / Makers of hand crafted and custom fitted Obi, Uwagi, Embugi, Hakama, and more.

Dragonfly Sword Supplies / Specializing in Japanese Sword Related Items.

D.R. Langenbacker & Sons / Out of Business.

East Coast Martial Arts Supply / Good source for Martial Arts supplies of all kinds. Especially good for shinken and a good inventory of hard-to-find books. They also carry beach mats and used tatami mats for targets.

Francis Boyd / Swordmaker. Custom Japanese blades and fittings of the highest quality traditionally made.

Fred Lohman / An excellent company. A large selection of parts and supplies for the care and repair of a Japanese Sword. High-quality work on reproduction fittings. Tsuba and fuchi/kashira are made of steel. Restoration work is available.

Frederick's Antique Swords / Historical Swords and Military Antiquities. Original Antique Swords and Daggers All Periods and Countries.

Galloglas Tactical / Brian VanSpeybroeck makes handmade knives and swords. Most of the pieces are crafted in a psuedo Japanese style but sometimes in an attempt at producing items that may appear to be totally traditional.

Japanese Swordbags / High quality swordbags and related items made from silk obi. Good information on the care and making of a swordbag. Some books are also available at this site. Remaining Stock Sold to Shadow of Leaves.

J-Armory / J-Armory is a trading company specialized in bring you High Quality Japanese and Chinese sword from the Furuyama, Last Legend, Pro Sword, Butouken, and Hanwei forges.

Japanese Style Arms custom made by Scott Slobodian.

JapaneseSword.Com / Alf Tan's Site for all types of Swords, Fittings, and related Items.

Japanese Sword Exchange / Japanese swords, fittings, matchlocks, arms and armor.

Japanese Swords, Ltd. / A great resource for the martial artist and collector alike, with all kinds of parts, supplies, and services.

John D Sword Polishing

Kingfisher Woodworks / Japanese Wooden Weapons. Hickory and laminated birch veneer bokken. Be aware that the laminated bokken are not recommended for contact and the limited warranty will not cover damage resulting from contact.

Kiyota Company / Mailorder Only. Specialized in Japanese made products. Hakama, Jo, 20 different styles of bokken. Sword related supplies. By mail at 2326 North Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21218, or phone (800)783-2232.

Kris Cutlery / Kris Cutlery World of Swords and Daggers.

Legacy Arts Swords / Ted Tenold / Newly made swords from Cicada Forge, Iaito from Tozando, and other items related to the JSA.

Morgan Valley Forge / Custom made blades by Howard Clark.

Mugendo Budogu / Worldwide Exporter of Japanese Martial Arts Equipment.

Namikawa Heibei Co., Ltd. / Polishing stones and other maintenance products for Japanese Swords

Nihonto Classified Ad Page / This site was created as a free service and a nonprofit venture by Bob McCoy and David McDonald. It lists swords, fittings, books, and other miscellaneous items related to the japanese sword that are for sale. This site is connected to the equally interesting Oshigata Project. No Longer Available.

Nihonzashi / Swords and equipment for serious training! Our focus is supporting students of the sword arts. Our mission is to provide high quality low cost equipment and services. High quality tatami omote on the East Coast from Mugen Dachi.

Nishijin Sword

Pacific Rim Galleries / Mailorder Only. Excellent quality supplies for the repair and restoration of Japanese Swords and related items. Helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable owners. Call or write for a catalog. By mail at P.O. Box 145, Ashland, OR 97520, or phone 541-770-6600, fax 503-482-8031.

Paper Scissors Stone / Akiyo Kokubu does high quality and artistic Tenkoku Stone Seal Carving and is an excellent craftsman. / At RiceCracker we are committed to provide the discriminating collector with a wide variety of Japanese Swords and related items.

Shadow of Leaves / A great site for the Martial Artist. Entry-level through higher quality swords and related equipment. Contact Michael Crampton for excellent customer service. All blades offered will be individually inspected to insure that you receive a quality item. Excellent prices, plus free domestic shipping in the U.S.

Sho-Shin / Information and Sales of Japanese Swords.

SummerChild Polishing / Sword Polishing by Keith Larman

Nosyuiaido / High-quality iaito and fittings with semi-custom to custom ordering. On the more expensive side, but very nicely made. They also carry steel swords for iaido and tameshigiri, a large selection of wooden weapons made from exotic materials. They have many other items related to the Japanese Sword Arts. / High quality tatami omote on the West Coast from Mugen Dachi.

Tokugawa Art / Sanmei Trading Company. Established in 1962, specialized in antique, modern, and newly made genuine Japanese swords, tsuba, armor and Hinawa matchlocks.

Tozando / Moderate to high-quality iaito and fittings in all price ranges with off-the-shelf to semi-custom ordering. Good value on good quality iaito. Many other Martial Arts supplies for the Sword Arts student. Shipped from Japan.

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