Make Your Own Stand for Tameshigiri

Make Your Own Cutting Stand... Continued

1) With the post laying flat on the ground attach one leg at 90 degrees, it doesn't matter whether the leg points to the right or the left. The bottom of the post, and the side of the leg should be flush and 90 degress to each other.

2) Rotate the post 90 degrees so that the attached leg points straight up. Place the second leg on the post and push it against the side of the first leg. After making sure that the second leg is perpendicular at 90 degrees and flush to the bottom of the post, go ahead and attach it.

3) Repeat the procedure above to attach the third leg. Make sure that the bottoms of the legs are all even. If they are not even the stand will wobble when it is finished.

4) Now stand the post up in the same position as it will be used, to attach the fourth leg. At this point it is helpful to have a flat surface to work on and a wall or helper to push against. Place the second leg against a wall or have a helper stand on it while you attach the fourth leg. Set the fourth leg in place making sure it is flat against the floor/ground and pushed up against the third leg. When you are sure that all four legs are touching the ground go ahead and attach the fourth leg.

5) Time to put the hole in the top of the post for the peg. Find and mark the center of the post with a pencil. Use a hand-drill and a 1" or 3/4" spade drill to drill the center hole. Take your time doing this and make sure that the hole is straight. This a great time to have a friend around to double-check that the drill is straight. You can also purchase a jig which attaches to your power drill at most hardware stores. The hole should be 2 1/2" to 3" deep.

6) Clean up any rough edges with sandpaper and stain or oil the wood to your preference.

7) The peg is made from 1" or 3/4" dowel, depending on the hole in your stand. Just about any type of wood will do, we prefer to use poplar. The peg should be 6" to 8" long and have a bevel on one end so that the target slides over it easily.

8) Sit back with a frosty beverage of choice and enjoy what your hard work produced. When you are done appreciating your efforts you should roll some tatami omote purchased from Mugen Dachi Company into targets. Have fun cutting and don't forget to order more tatami omote.

PDF Diagram
Cutting Stand

Materials List

4 x 4 Post, 28" to 36", 1 pc.

2 x 4 Legs, 18" to 22", 4 pcs.

3/4" or 1" diameter dowel , 1 pc.

Spade Drill, 3/4" or 1", 1 only

2 1/2" Screws, Lags, Nails, 12 pcs.

Sandpaper, 80 to 120 grit, 2 or 3 sheets

Stain or Oil Finish, 1 pint can

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